Whom I work with

My individual clients want help getting unstuck from painful thought patterns. Thoughts that - like a needle stuck in the deep groove of a record - make it impossible to listen to anything else. They describe their life as a sequence of familiar events - they keep doing the same thing over and over, or dating the same type of person over and over. Many of them are talented and high achieving, yet relentlessly critical of themselves. I help my clients become unstuck creatively. I help to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. And I help them strengthen and enrich their relationships, starting with the relationship they have with themselves.

The couples who come for counseling together want help getting unstuck, too. They keep having the same fight every time. Or the physical intimacy is all but gone from their relationship and each of them feel too stuck to initiate sex. I offer couples counseling for couples who are on two different pages when it comes to parenting. I provide counseling for couples transitioning to becoming parents. And I work with couples who are struggling to stay together as they navigate the grief and loss of infertility.

How I work

I work collaboratively, discussing treatment goals and assessing progress. I’m interested in your past, insofar as it helps to illuminate how you can improve your life in the present. Our work will uncover unconscious material that provides a deeper understanding of who you are and why you make the choices you make.  By uncovering unconscious material, we are able to change old patterns, discover our authentic self, and find wholeness and integration. My goal is for you to no longer need to keep coming to therapy.